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(Columbia, SC): The Libertarian Party’s candidates for Governor, Dr. Bruce Reeves, and Lt. Governor, Mrs. Jessica Ethridge, thank South Carolina teachers for all of their hard work, dedication to our students, and commitment to excellence.

“On World Teachers’ Day, we recognize the passion of the profession,” said Dr. Reeves. “And recommit to advancement through education.”

World Teachers’ Day 2022 is under the theme “The transformation of education begins with teachers,” (link) and we wholeheartedly believe this to be true. That is why the Reeves4SC campaign worked with teachers to craft its education platform: Trust teachers. Empower parents. Encourage kids.

“Quality education is a product of community engagement,” Mrs. Ethridge said. “Parents, citizens, businesses, faith communities, and neighborhoods support their local schools. Productive citizens and a healthy democracy are fostered in diverse learning environments.”

The last three years have shown us what education can and cannot do in its current form. The South Carolina Libertarian Party and the Reeves4SC campaign advocate for education reform beginning with control, managing funding, and ending with results.

  • Parents know their kids and teachers know their students. Education decisions should be made by those closest to the people most affected by them.

  • Politicians benefit when we are divided and nowhere is that more common than in education. Stop pitting homeschooling against public schools and demonizing private schools. Let’s work together to provide a wide variety of options for families and students.

  • State systems are wealthy prey for commercial enterprises and we’re being fed upon them. Our schools need reform in the procurement process to ensure we’re getting our return on investment.

  • Funding should follow the student. Alternative scheduling to reduce bus route restrictions and food service requirements should be explored. We need creativity, not a system that fails over and over to deliver basic results.

  • Standardized testing is a shell game. We spend and test and report and all this activity does is shift resources into gerrymandered districts and provide false positives on arbitrary metrics. We need better evaluation systems.

Communities know what they need. Empower them. Let’s bring curiosity, love of learning, and enthusiasm back into the classroom. Thank you, teachers, for dedicating your lives to fulfilling a great promise to our students: life is better with learning.

The Reeves/Ethridge full platform can be found here:

For media inquiries please contact: Allen Broadus Policy & Media Director 843-697-1990

To reach Dr. Reeves: Dr. Morgan Bruce Reeves Candidate 803-523-0309

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