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GREENVILLE, S.C. – Mrs. Jessica Ethridge, candidate for Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina, received endorsements from two high-profile Libertarians this week. Dr. Jo Jorgensen, 2020 candidate for President and Mr. Spike Cohen, 2020 candidate for Vice President, each posted endorsements for Mrs. Ethridge’s campaign.

“I am proud to endorse Jessica Ethridge for Lt. Governor in my home state of South Carolina,” the Jorgensen Facebook post read. “Jessica Ethridge is an activist, mother, and legal professional who strives to make every voice heard in the state of South Carolina. She is promoting voluntary, community-based solutions rather than coercive government mandates as way to solve the problems facing the people of South Carolina.” Jorgensen finished third in the popular vote in 2020 with 1.9 million votes.

“I’m thrilled to have Jo’s endorsement,” Mrs. Ethridge said. “She’s a leader in our liberty movement and a well-respected member of our party and our state.”

Mrs. Ethridge has been active in the liberty movement for nearly a decade, and a member of the South Carolina Libertarian Party since 2019. She served as a state representative to two national conventions, is the Greenville County party Secretary and is the State Committee 2nd Vice Chair. Her service in the movement and the party is well recognized.

The endorsement from party leader and 2020 Vice Presidential candidate Spike Cohen read, “I voted early today for my good friend Jessica Ethridge for Lt. Governor of S.C. I encourage my fellow South Kakalakis to do the same.” Cohen has 192,000 followers on Facebook and 140,000 on Twitter. He has been a vocal opponent of civil asset forfeiture and a supporter of cannabis decriminalization, both issues of high importance to Mrs. Ethridge.

“Spike’s ideas, like mine, focus on the dignity of citizenship and the power we have, as individuals and collectively, to resist oppression by authoritarians of any political persuasion,” said Mrs. Ethridge. “I’m honored to earn his endorsement, but even more honored to have won his vote.”

Mrs. Ethridge held a second live Q&A session on Facebook on Sunday, November 6, 2022, at 4:30 p.m. Her first Livestream, held earlier this week, saw a broad reach and built momentum heading into Election Day.

Mrs. Ethridge shares the ticket with Dr. Bruce Reeves, candidate for governor. The two have promoted a community-first approach that would encourage more participation in the political and governance processes of our state. Learn more about the Reeves-Ethridge campaign at



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