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Blue Water


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Many businesses are struggling to keep their doors open, and it’s time for us to take a more aggressive approach to helping our businesses survive and thrive. As your next governor, my administration will hold local community leaders and state legislators accountable, and we will work to find solutions to our issues that are impacting our local businesses. We will work to keep South Carolina employed.

Kids Playing with Lego

South Carolina’s education system has been plagued with a lot of unfulfilled promise. Though we have some of the brightest and most capable educators in the country, their hands are continually bound by administrative and bureaucratic red tape. With the needs of every child being unique, we can no longer maintain a one size fits all approach to education.

A collaborative approach will equip educators, families, and communities with the tools to build infrastructure which in turn bolsters the students’ likelihood to excel in the classroom. Together we can work to remove constraints and empower our educators to work with parents and with their communities in order to provide the best educational opportunities for the next generation.

Understanding that not every school is the right fit for every student, I will advocate for bills to provide Education Scholarship Accounts or Tax Credit Scholarships, which will give parents the means to afford their children with the best opportunities for educational success.


Year over year we have seen our population increase here in South Carolina at a steady rate. As our population continues to increase, we have the unique opportunity to continue building our business communities. Competition is necessary to create a healthy and robust economy, and as governor, I will work with our community and state leaders to remove overly burdensome barriers that prevent entry into the market, that stifle competition, and that prevent our State from reaching its full economic potential.

Judge and Gavel

Law enforcement officers are facing unprecedented opposition within their communities. The men and women who work to keep our communities safe should be equipped with the tools and resources necessary to do so. This includes proper training and education, as well as appropriate resources for support in circumstances that are not matters of law enforcement.

Additionally, we must address law enforcement techniques that circumvent due process. Civil Asset Forfeiture allows for law enforcement officers/agencies to seize assets of parties suspected, but not always even accused, of committing crimes. To date this has included, but is not limited to, cash, cars, boats, and even homes. The ability for any agency to seize any asset of a citizen with no accountability creates the opportunity for corruption and significantly corrodes confidence in those law enforcement agencies.

As your next Governor, I will work with my administration to ensure that our law enforcement agencies have the appropriate educational and training policies, the best available support resources, and will work to end Civil Asset Forfeiture in the State of South Carolina.

Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice

Recently South Carolina was able to return to executing inmates who are on death row. If the system was simple and infallible, this would seem justified, but sadly we are looking at a much more complex system and the real-world effects of this process are irreversible.

Since 1973, there have been more than 185 people who were sentenced to death and who were later exonerated. In a society that values individuality, these are 185 people who were wrongly taken from their family, friends, and communities to be killed without being guilty of the crimes they were sentenced for.


In the Upstate of South Carolina, Charles Wakefield was charged and sent to death row in 1976, despite none of the evidence actually pointing to his guilt. From the time of his arrest to his being granted parole, Charles spent 35 years incarcerated for a crime he didn’t commit. In understanding the stories of when the judicial system has failed to uphold its intentions, as Governor, I will commute death sentences to life sentences without parole.

“The law holds that it is better that 10 guilty persons escape than that 1 innocent suffer” in other words is it better that ten guilty persons serve life than that one innocent person be killed?

Death Penalty
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Preserving life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is an inalienable right for every person. Understanding that we cannot prevent every crime before it happens, as governor, I will help restore these rights as intended and as written in our State’s constitution.

Blood Pressure

Who or what should stand between you and your doctor? South Carolinians face many challenges to receiving the best care possible. Laws and regulations such as Certificate of Need create roadblocks for doctors and other medical professionals that limit their ability to practice medicine in a way that provides beneficial competition in the healthcare market. As governor, I will work to ensure any laws that prevent access to affordable and high quality care no longer impact the decision you make regarding the health of you and your family.


It is time for South Carolina to join the 38 states that have legalized cannabis. Shown by studies to be safer than alcohol, never linked to overdose, and proven effective as a medical treatment for common ailments such as glaucoma, cannabis is a beneficial plant and the open door to a fast-growth industry for our state.


Our approach to cannabis legalization builds on the 38 states providing access for medical use, the 19 states that have legalized recreational use, and necessary revision of law enforcement practices that criminalize citizens for personal choices. 

  • In regards to medical use, we oppose any legislation that would prevent access to desired care. Cannabis for treatment of mental health, chronic pain, loss of appetite, and seizures – among other conditions – is a decision between a patient and their care provider. 

  • In recreational use, we oppose suppression of a free market, state hypocrisy in regulated industries, and any legislation that ignores the free will of citizens. 

  • In criminal justice reform, we support decriminalization of marijuana and the expungement of criminal records for South Carolinians convicted of non-violent drug-related crimes.

Pregnant Woman

Libertarians believe that each individual has the right to their own thoughts and beliefs. One person does not have the right to dictate thoughts, beliefs, or lifestyles to another. We reject the use of fraud, coercion, and aggression by agents of the government.


Our approach to abortion will pursue the following goals: 1) reduce the number of abortions sought and performed 2) provide access to safe and effective medical treatment in family planning, 3) improve safety nets for expectant mothers, 4) engage fathers, partners, and families to support mothers and children.


As governor, I will: 

  • Oppose any legislation that prevents access to desired medical care for any individual.

  • Protect access to medically-approved, free-market birth control products.

  • Work with community organizations to establish programs making family planning measures available at low or no cost to our citizens. 

  • Leverage existing and new community programs to educate young people on the complications of family planning and the responsibility they bear for themselves and their sexual partners.

  • Work within communities to develop support systems for mothers through faith communities, non-profits, and childcare facilities.

  • Review and revise restrictive policies that prevent the establishment and operation of safe, healthy, childcare facilities.

  • Remove the burdensome costs associated with state compliance.

  • Encourage apprenticeship programs, independent living programs, and technical school availability for individuals who face aging out of foster care.

  • Relieve the costs and restrictions on adoption and adoption services.

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