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South Carolina Bans Abortion, Libertarian Candidates Disagree

BLYTHEWOOD – Dr. Morgan Reeves, Libertarian candidate for Governor opposes the six-week abortion ban triggered by the overturn of Roe v. Wade and the Governor’s use of a special session to ban all abortions without exception.

“They don’t want to hear from anybody before deciding this,” said Dr. Reeves. “They could have put it on the ballot in November. That would tell the constituents he really cares about them. He’s got his personal agenda.”

If elected, Dr. Reeves would be responsible for overseeing the enforcement of the six-week ban via the executive branch. The executive branch’s role in upholding legislative abortion bans would include investigating and prosecuting clinicians, persecuting women for their private health choices, and redirecting resources to chasing down our own citizens on some moral crusade. Enforcement of these bans is a waste of state resources.

“We should talk to the people,” Dr. Reeves said. “Not a special session, but a community solution to the real challenge of family planning.”

Our approach to family planning will appropriate resources in pursuit of the following goals:

  1. Reduce the number of abortions sought and performed,

  2. Provide access to safe and effective medical treatment in family planning,

  3. Improve safety nets for expectant mothers,

  4. Engage fathers, partners, and families to support mothers and children.

“We have to remanage the way we do things in this whole state,” Dr. Reeves said.

“My leadership is not based on executive order or special session. My leadership is based on love for the people and involvement in the process.”

“Community action, bringing citizens back into the process, that’s our plan for governance,” said campaign manager Dr. Kasie Whitener. “We would oppose any legislation that prevents access to desired medical care.”

As governor, Dr. Reeves and his running mate, Mrs. Jessica Ethridge, would pursue community-based solutions to family planning including educating young people on the responsibilities of sexual relationships, relieving costs and restrictions on adoption, and developing community support networks for expectant parents.

“We are a family-oriented ticket and a community-focused party, and we believe in volunteerism not coercion. We need to restrict government overreach into private family decisions,” said Mrs. Ethridge.

Dr. Morgan Bruce Reeves is a father and grandfather, business owner, pastor, and resident of Fairfield County. Dr. Reeves has served his community as a senior pastor and philanthropist. He owns and operates a construction business, founded Willing Workers Community Center in Irmo, and volunteered with the Department of Juvenile Justice. His efforts in youth outreach and civic collaboration have made him a willing leader in his community and a strong candidate for elected office. He has earned praise for his leadership efforts from officials across the political spectrum who acknowledged his ability to bring consensus in challenging situations and unite people in crises.

Jessica Ethridge, is a mother, legal professional, and resident of Greenville County. Mrs. Ethridge has worked in real estate property research and transactional work, corporate compliance, corporate licensing, and human resources. Mrs. Ethridge served the South Carolina Upstate Paralegal Association as the Vice-President in charge of Membership and as the Chair of the Pro Bono Committee. She is also an officer in the South Carolina Libertarian Party.

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