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Reeves For Governor Officially on the Path for the Governor’s Mansion

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Dr. Bruce Reeves and his running mate Jessica Ethridge are announced as the SC Libertarian Party’s gubernatorial candidates.

Columbia, SC – Former NFL player Bruce Reeves with local legal professional and activist Jessica Ethridge have officially kicked off their plans in the pursuit of electing to Governor and Lt. Governor. While focusing on the important issues, Dr. Reeves is going to work to empower the people of South Carolina to revitalize our education system, make healthcare affordable, and help businesses thrive.

“We have the chance to remind the people of SC what it looks like to govern with love and compassion, to participate in solutions.”

Kasie Whitener, Campaign Manager of the Reeves for Governor Campaign said.

Rather than continuing to rely on Columbia for our answers, Dr. Reeves will work with communities across the state to highlight and help facilitate solutions that prevent South Carolinians from a better way of living.

Dr. Bruce Reeves from Irmo, South Carolina is a community leader, business owner, and minister. As a senior pastor, Dr. Reeves engaged congregations, committees, and individuals to address shared challenges through cooperation. His efforts to collaborate with agencies, business, and faith communities have earned him praise from elected officials across the political spectrum.

“I have to listen. We all do. If we’re going to improve quality of life and education in our state, we have to listen to all the options and opportunities.”

Dr. Reeves said in his first interview after receiving the Libertarian Party’s nomination.

“We’re going to manage South Carolina with love and understanding and that people can feel that they can talk to me. I’m not out here as a political appointee. I’m out here to engage and resolve problems collectively.”

“Dr. Reeves’ genuine passion for bettering the education system to benefit SC students, families, and teachers is a breath of fresh air. I am deeply honored to be at his side, and I look forward to bringing to the campaign a zeal for community activism.”

Jessica Ethridge, Dr. Reeves’ campaign running mate from Greenville, South Carolina said.

South Carolina continues to attract more and more people every year because of our amazing culture and communities. It’s time we give them back their voices and let South Carolina shine more brightly than it ever has before.

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