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Libertarian Candidate's Response To Call For Debates

(Columbia, SC): The Libertarian Party’s candidate for Governor, Dr. Bruce Reeves, affirms Democrat Joe Cunningham’s call for a series of gubernatorial debates preceding the general election in November.

“I’m sure Mr. Cunningham meant to invite me on stage,” Dr. Reeves said. “Anyone who wants to be Governor should include everyone in leading this state.”

Every South Carolina resident and voter has the inherent right to hear the positions of every candidate on the ballot this November. If there are to be debates for the offices of Governor and Lieutenant Governor, all candidates should be included.

“Mrs. Ethridge and I would be glad to demonstrate how our approach of community-based solutions, reductions in government overreach, and involvement of the electorate in important matters will improve the condition of our state,” said Dr. Reeves.

A true republic is built upon the idea that the values of the elected representatives are reflective of their constituency. For too long the voices heard have been largely limited to only two national political parties with money to degrade and manipulate our elections. This limited access has only served in creating greater division within our nation and our state. Dr. Bruce Reeves and the Libertarian Party of South Carolina call for a gubernatorial debate schedule that includes all ballot-qualified candidates.

“If Mr. Cunningham is excluding other candidates from the debate, what does that tell you about how he plans to exclude citizens if he is elected?” Dr. Reeves said. “I believe people need a voice and it starts with access to as many voices as possible during the process of electing our next governor.”

Dr. Morgan Bruce Reeves is a father and grandfather, business owner, pastor, and resident of

Fairfield County. Dr. Reeves has served his community as a senior pastor and philanthropist. He has earned praise for his leadership efforts from officials across the political spectrum who acknowledged his ability to bring consensus in challenging situations and unite people in crises.

Jessica Ethridge, is a mother, legal professional, and resident of Greenville County. Mrs. Ethridge is an officer in the South Carolina Libertarian Party.

The Reeves/Ethridge full platform can be found here

For media inquiries please contact: Allen Broadus Policy & Media Director 843-697-1990 To reach Dr. Reeves: Dr. Morgan Bruce Reeves Candidate 803-523-0309



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